Roche Innovatis Cedex XS

Roche Innovatis Cedex XS
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ID-Nr: 32458

Bouwjaar: 2012

Status: gepubliceerd  

Verzending: 8-10 weken

Roche Innovatis Celenteller Cedex XS.
Celanalysator voor de bepaling van celconcentratie,
Celgrootte en diameter, celmorfologie.
Met pc en software. Compleet met laptop en accessoires.

Nieuw apparaat. Origineel verpakt.
Aanvullende Informatie

Aanvullende Informatie

Seriennummer 32458
Object Naam Roche Innovatis Cedex XS
Soort onroerend go Zellzähler
Status gepubliceerd
Bouwjaar 2012
Fabrikant Roche
Verzending8-10 weken
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Product groep: Celltellers

Technical Specifications

manufacturer:           Roche

model:                        Cedex XS




The following illustrations and descriptions refer to the instrument model and are drawn from brochures. They do not represent the scope of delivery. Please refer to the text of the offer for the exact scope of delivery.


Technical Specifications



Method of measurement                    Digital image and pattern recognition

Viable/dead cell differentiation           Trypan Blue Exlusion Method  

Detectable cell concentration range   1x104  - 1x107 cells per ml

Detectable cell diameter range           5µm - 180µm

Detectable object diameter range       2µm - 180 µm

Required sample volume                    10µl, typically sample 5µl + Trypan Blue 5 µl

Average measurement period             20 seconds

Geometric resolution                           0,86 µm/pixel

Sample Chamber height                     195 µm

Operating temperature                        +10 to +40°C

Max. temperature change                    5°C per hour

Max. humidity deviation                        5% per hour

Operating humidity                               20% - 80% relative humidity (non-condensing)

Operational altitude                              Up to 2000 m

Dimensions                                           Height x Width x Depth:  345x157x248 mm

Weight                                                   7,85 kg

Energy requirements                            100-240 VAC +/- 10%;   47-63 Hz;    0,9-0,34 A

Energy consumption                             12 VDC 0.3 A

Replacement fuse type                          T 0.315 A 250V

Pollution degree                                     2 (according to IEC 61010-1)

Installation category                               II (according to IEC 61010-1)










Technical Features

·        Manual liquid handling

·        Visual display for slide position

·        Live view of the measurement chamber

·        Based on Cedex 2 Software

·        Requires only 10 µl sample

·        8-slot Cedex Smart Slide

·        High-resolution color camera

·        Connection to PC with USB 2.0

·        Visual indication of slot number




Technical Data

Detectable cell density range                             1x104– 1x107cells per ml

Detectable cell diameter range                           5–180 μm

Detectable object diameter range                       2 – 180 μm

Required sample volume                                    10 μl

Number of samples (per slide)                           8

Minimum hardware requirements                       Pentium IV, 1 GB RAM, 20GB HDD, USB 2.0

Operating system                                               Windows®XP, Windows VistaTM