Perkin Elmer NexION 350D

Perkin Elmer NexION 350D
€ 74.900,00
excl. BTW
€ 89.131,00 incl. BTW

ID-Nr: 32440

Bouwjaar: 2015

Status: gepubliceerd  

Verzending: 4-6 weken

We execute the installation of this laboratory device professionally. We would be pleased to consult you and to send you a non-binding offer. >>>

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Usually, laboratory and analysis devices are very exigent system with a very own specifications and requirements. Therefore, the startup of a laboratory device often rises the question how to assemble, adjust and to launch it.

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  • Guarantee extends to 3 months
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* products of the product groups laboratory furniture and laminar flow are excluded. In individual cases, other product groups can be excluded.

Perkin Elmer ICP massaspectrometer NexION 350D. Bestaande uit:
Dual channel. Vacuümpomp SV40Bi. Peristaltische pomp.
Sproeikamer behandeld. Koel stil.
Netwerkkaart bovendien Pcle.
Massaspectrometriebank BCH190NE58.
Flatscreen-tv. Autosampler S10.

Dit is een apparaat voor tweeërlei gebruik.
Aanvullende Informatie

Aanvullende Informatie

Seriennummer 32440
Object Naam Perkin Elmer NexION 350D
Soort onroerend go ICP/Massenspektrometer
Status gepubliceerd
Bouwjaar 2015
Fabrikant Perkin Elmer
Verzending4-6 weken
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Product groep: ICP / MS