Perkin Elmer ELAN DRC II

Perkin Elmer ELAN DRC II
€ 34.000,00
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€ 40.460,00 incl. BTW

ID-Nr: 31967

Status: gepubliceerd  

Verzending: 4-6 weken

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Perkin Elmer ICP-MS Elan DRC II. Met:
Autosampler SC-2.
Polyscience-koeler 3370.
Rekken, 2x kwartsglasvernevelaars, 2x kwarts cyclonen, slangen, etc.
Elan 3.4-software

Dit is een apparaat voor tweeërlei gebruik.
Aanvullende Informatie

Aanvullende Informatie

Seriennummer 31967
Object Naam Perkin Elmer ELAN DRC II
Soort onroerend go ICP/Massenspektrometer
Status gepubliceerd
Fabrikant Perkin Elmer
Verzending4-6 weken
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Product groep: ICP / MS

Technical Specifications


manufacturer:      Perkin Elmer

model:                  ELAN DRC II



The following illustrations and descriptions refer to the instrument model and are drawn from brochures. They do not represent the scope of delivery. Please refer to the text of the offer for the exact scope of delivery.



Technical Data



Instrument WxHxD                                        99x117x73 cm

Work Surface Height                                     87 cm

Weight                                                           295 kg

Cooling system Heat exchanger WxHxD      38 x 63,5 x 38 cm.      Weight 31,3 kg

Cooling system refrigerator                           38 x 63,5 x 67,3 cm    Weight 81 kg

FIAS 400 MS                                                 41,5 x 18,4 x 41 cm    Weight 11 kg

Autosampler AS 93plus                                44 x 37 x 34 cm           Weight 4 kg


Power Specifications

Maximum Volt Amperes (total, both circuits) 6000 VA

Maximum Continuous Current (per circuit)    20 A

Voltage Amplitude Specification

Operating Voltage                                          200 - 240 V

Maximum Allowable Percent Sag                  5%

Maximum Allowable Percent Swell                5%

Phase (single or three)                                   Single phase or three phase

Frequency Specification

Operating Frequency                                     50 or 60 Hz

Allowable Frequency Variance                      ± 1 Hz

Waveform Specification

Maximum Supply Voltage Total Distortion                         5%

Maximum Supply Voltage Distortion by Single Harmonic  3%

Cooling System:

Heat Exchanger                                            208-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 2.75 A 660 W

(PolyScience 3370)                                      120V, 60HZ, 5.5A

Refrigerated Chiller                                       208-230 V, 60 Hz, 8 A 2000 W

(PolyScience 6105PE)                                  240 V, 50 Hz, 8.5 A

FIAS 400MS                                                 110/220 V 600 W

Flow rates

Hose Diameter 100mm.                                Flow rate  70 L/s.    Anemometer Reading  9m/s

Hose Diameter 150mm                                 Flow rate 210 L/s.   Anemometer Reading 11,5 m/s