Agilent 6890N

Agilent 6890N
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ID-Nr: 32373

Status: op voorraad  

Verzending: 10-14 werkdagen

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Agilent Gas Chromatograph 6890N. Met:
Autosampler 7683.

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€ 9.800,00
Aanvullende Informatie

Aanvullende Informatie

Seriennummer 32373
Object Naam Agilent 6890N
Soort onroerend go Gaschromatographen (andere Detektoren)
Status op voorraad
Fabrikant Agilent
Verzending10-14 werkdagen
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Product groep: Gaschromatograaf (andere detectoren)

Technical Specifications

manufacturer:      Agilent

model:                  6890N



The following illustrations and descriptions refer to the instrument model and are drawn from brochures. They do not represent the scope of delivery. Please refer to the text of the offer for the exact scope of delivery.




Dimensions and average weight


  • Height: 50 cm (19.7 in.)
  • Width: 58 cm (22.8 in.) with EPC inlet and detectors; 68 cm (26.8 in.) with manual inlets or detectors or with optional gauges
  • Depth: 54 cm (21.6 in.)
  • Average weight: 49 kg (108 lb)




Environmental conditions


  • Ambient operating temperature: 15°C to 35°C
  • Ambient operating humidity: 5 to 95%
  • Storage extremes: -40°C to 65°C
  • Line voltage requirements: ±5 % of nominal




Column oven


  • Dimensions: 28 x 31 x 16 cm
  • Operating temperature: 4°C above ambient to 450°C
  • With LN2 cryo: -80°C to 450°C
  • With CO2 cryo: -55°C to 450°C
    • Temperature setpoint resolution: 1°C
    • Maximum temperature ramp rate: 120°C/min
    • Maximum run time: 999.00 min
    • Temperature programming ramps/plateaus: 6/7
    • Ambient rejection: <0.01°C per 1°C






All detectors include electronic pneumatics control and electronic on/off for all detector gases


Detectors available:

  • Flame ionization detector (FID)
  • Thermal conductivity detector (TCD)
  • Micro-electron capture detector (micro-ECD)
  • Nitrogen-phosphorus detector (NPD)
  • Single-or dual-wavelength flame photometric detectors (FPD)
  • Atomic emission detector (AED)
  • Mass selective detector (MSD)




Data communications


  • LAN
  • RS-232-C (57,600 baud maximum is settable from keyboard)
  • Two analog output channels (1-mV, 1-V,and 10-V output available) as standard
  • Remote start/stop




Other specifications


  • Clock time programming
  • Run deviation log (notes any changes to setpoints or expected values during a run, saved with run file in ChemStations)
  • Control of eight external events (valves, on/off, or low-level contact)
  • Four internal 24-volt connections (up to 150 mA)
  • - two external 24-volt connections (up to 75 mA)
  • Two on/off contact closures (48 V, 250 mA max)