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Waters Micromass Q-TOF Ultima API

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Seriennummer: 31329
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Waters Spettrometro di massa Q-ToF Ultima con:
Pompe di prevuoto Edwards E1M18 e E2M28 in scatola di trasporto con raffreddamento ad aria.
Refrigeratore di circolazione ATC KTC 6006.
Micromass NanoLockSpray MA 3889.
Vari accessori.
Pc. Tastiera. Topo. Chiave di licenza.
Software: MassLynx V4.0 0Q, MassLynx SP2 V4.0, MassLynx SCN &# 633,
Libreria MassLynx 4.1 Rev. A e MassLynx V4.1
230 V. 50/60 Hz.1740 W.

Questo è un dispositivo a duplice scopo.
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Objektnummer B00031329
Seriennummer 31329
Nome oggetto Waters Micromass Q-TOF Ultima API
Stato Lagergerät
Fabbricante Waters
Spedizione 10-14 working days

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manufacturer :       Micromass

model :                   Q-TOF Ultima API

annotation :           Dokumente engl.




The Q-Tof Ultima API is a hybrid quadrupole time of flight mass spectrometer. It can provide molecular weight determination, molecular structure Information and quantitative analysis of the Samples introduced.

The instrument is for research use only and is not intended for use in diagnostic procedures.

The user controls the instrument from a PC using MassLynx Software. This configuration permits both interactive and fully automaue control of the System. Different experiments can be performed applicable to the Sample type and Information required.


Technical Overview

The Q-Tof Ultima API utilises a high perfonnance, research grade quadrupole mass analyser and orthogonal acceleration time of flight (TOF) mass spectrometer.

The quadrupole is operated as an Ion transport element for MS experiments and as a mass selection device for MS/MS experiments. A collision cell is situated after the quadrupole to induce fragmentation from the MS/MS experiments.

Beyond the quadrupole collision cell assembly is an orthogonal acceleration cell (OA) in which the Ions are either pushed downward into the TOF analyser or allowed to drift onward into the post acceleration photomultiplier detector (Dynolite(tm)). In the latter configuration basie tuning of the instrument can be established and elementarg mass spectra can be recorded.

Those ions pushed out of the OA describe either a V or W path travelling through the reflectron lens at the end of the Instrument. They are then detected wich a microchannel plate detector and Ion counting system and this Output is then recorded as a mass spectrum an the control PC.

The mass spectrum, either from a quadrupole experiment or from a TOF experiment is typically a record of the original sample's composition describing both the molecular weights and relative abundance of the components.



Environmental Specification

Operating Temperature

The maximum ambient laboratory temperature should not exceed 30°C. Optimum operating temperature lies in the range 19° - 22°C. Short-term (1.5 hours) variations should be no more than 2°C.

It is recommended that the instrument be sited in an air-conditioned laboratory, in a draught-free position and away from excessive amounts of dust.

The hegt dissipated into the laboratory from the instrument and pumps is about 2 kW. Operating Humidity

The relative humidity should not exceed 70%.



The following parameters are for the instrument main bench only. They do not include the rotary pumps or the computer system.

Height:      1338 mm

Length:     1420 mm

Width:       815 mm

Weight:     525 Kg


Power Requirements

The following parameters are for the instrument main bench only. They do not include the rotary pumps or the computer system.

Electrical supply:    5.OA at 230V


Electrical supply:    10.5A at 110V

Fuse Rating:          15.0A


Service Connections

Water supply

The instrument requires a chilled water connection to provide turbo pump cooling. A flow of approximately 35 1/hour at 20°C or 23 1/hour at 15°C is required.

Compressed Air

The instrument requires a supply of compressed air for correct operation of the vacuum system. This should be clean, dry and regulated at between 2 and 5 bar.


The instrument requires a clean, dry supply of nitrogen for source operation. This should be regulated at a supply pressure of 7 bar (100 psi).

Collision Gas

For CID experiments a supply of clean, dry Argon is required. This should be regulated up to 3.5 bar (50 psi).

Gas Exhausts

The rotarg pump exhaust outlets must be vented to the atmosphere external to the laboratory clear from any air intakes for air conditioning systems. A separate exhaust for the Ion source gas (nitrogen) must be provided to the atmosphere external to the laboratory clear from any air intakes for air conditioning systems.

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