Shimadzu TOC-5000 A

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Shimadzu TOC analyzer TOC-5000A. With keyboard and display. Thermal printer. External printer port. 220-240 V. 50/60 Hz. 5 A. 1200 W. Analog gasflow indication. CE-marked.
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Objektnummer B00019393
ID-number 019393
Object name Shimadzu TOC-5000 A
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Firma:              Shimadzu

Modell:            TOC 5000

Kommentar:    Dokumente engl.

The following illustrations and descriptions are referring to the instrument model and are drawn from brochures. They are not representating the delivery volume. The exact delivery content you will find only in the offering text.

The ASI-5000 is an optional accessory for the TOC-5000 which allows automated carbon analysis in multiple samples. Carefully refer to this manual when installing and using the ASI-5000 Autosampler for the first time. This manual describes in detail the ASI-5000, as well as functions and operations in the TOC-5000 which relate directly to use with the ASI-5000 as an integrated automated system. For details related to independent Operation of the TOC-5000, please refer to the TOC-5000 Instruction Manual.

The ASI-5000 is provided with or without the optional rinse pump. Functions and other descriptions pertaining to the rinse pump are also covered in this manual. These may be ignored for instruments which do not incorporate the rinse pump.


Vials:                                            For regular sensitivity tumtable

                                                    sample vial capacity: about 6ml

                                                    standard solution vial capacity: about 45ml

                                                    For high sensitivity turntable

                                                    sample and standard solution vial capacity : about 45ml

Turntable capacity:                      Regular sensitivity

                                                    78 sample vials

                                                    8 standard solution vials

                                                    High sensitivity

                                                    16 sample vials

                                                    8 standard solution vials

Sample injection volume:             Based on TOC-5000 specifications:

                                                    50 - 2000µl (with 2500µl syringe)

                                                    4 - 200µl (with 250µl syringe)

                                                    Based on TOC-5050 specifications:

                                                    4 - 200µl (with 250µl syringe)

Sample pre-treatment:                 For NPOC measurement, acidification and sparging

Measurement cycle:                    About 3 minutes/injection

Ambient temperature:                  5 ~ 35°C

Power source:                             AC100V ± 10V, 50/60Hz, about 1A

                                                    AC 220 ~ 240V

External dimensions:                   W 380mm x D 365 x H 400 with arm up (excluding arm:           245mm)

Weight:                                         About 17 kg

Measuring object                          TC, IC, TOC (TC-IC), NPOC*

Method                                         Combustion/non-dispersive infrared gas analysis method

Combustion temperature             680°C

Range                                          4 ppb to 4,000 ppm (4 ppb to 5,000 ppm for IC)

Analysis time                                Normally 2 to 3 minutes for TC or IC (At the maximum, 4.5       minutes for TC and 3.5 minutes for IC)

Repcatability                                Less than 2,000 ppm (Less than 2,500 ppm for IC): Standard deviation is within 1% of the full-scale range.

                                                    2,000 to 4,000 ppm (2,500 to 5,000 ppm for IC): Standard        deviation is within 2% of the full-scale range.

Sample introduction                     Introduction with automatic injector method

Sample injection volume              Variable between 50 and 2,000 µl (with 2,500 µl microliter         syringe)

                                                    Variable between 4 and 250 µl (with 250 µl microliter     syringe)

Pretreatment method for IC         With automatic sparging

Carrier gas                                   High purity air (filled in a cylinder)

                                                    Pressure : Approx. 6 kgf/cm 2 (Max. 7 kgf/cm 2 )

                                                    Flow rate: 150 ml/min. (300 ml/min. including sparging gas)

CPU function

Signal processing                        Linearization, baseline correction, peak detection/ area             calculation

Data processing                          Concentration calculation by one to four-point calibration          curve methods, automatic selection of optimum calibration curve from three calibration curves, filing of up to 18           calibration curves, automatic deletion of abnormal values        and automatic additional measurement and calculation                                                     thereof, SD/CV calculation, and repeated measurement with    automatic change in the range and sample injection volume

Control                                         Sample injector movements, TC furnace temperature, and      on/off of carrier gas and sparge gas

Others                                          Automatic selection of optimum measuring condition,   maintenance/check functions, abnormality detection, and           timer reservation for re-start

Display                                         LCD (white liquid crystal with backlight)

                                                    640x 400 dots, 88 characters x 22 lines

Printer                                          240 dots for graphic, 40 characters/line, Chart width 110          mm, Thermosensitive type

Ambient temperature                   5 ~ 35°C

Power requirements                    AC 100, 110, 115, 120, 127, 220, 230 or 240 V as ordered,       ±10%, 5 A (Ordinary power consumption: About 300 VA),

                                                    50- 60Hz

Outside dimensions                     About 480W x 520D x480H (mm) (Excluding protrusions)

Weight                                          About 46 kg

Product group: TOC

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