Miccra MaxiPlant KA 750 IL

Miccra MaxiPlant KA 750 IL
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ID-Nr: 31333

Year of build: 2018

Status: Published  

Shipping: 4-6 weeksi

Miccra Dispersing and Homogenizing MaxiPlant KA 750 IL.
Production unit.

Configuration options, such as vacuum control system, PLC control
possible for a surcharge.

Control cabinet with integrated frequency converter and fan.
Frequency converter dispersing drive and geared motor.
Homogenizing tool. Control, fully automatic operation.
Barrier pressure system (thermosyphon), container capacity 4 L.
Process vessels. Cover. Manhole DN 300.
Various connections. High pressure CIP nozzles.
Geared motor Stirring unit Miccra RW-10 with stirring tool.
Volume: 750 liters. Temperature: 5-55 ° C. Humidity up to 85%.
Dimensions WxHxD 210x230x310cm.
Total electrical power: approx. 32 kW.
Dimensions HxWxD: 280x205x300 cm.
Weight about 2800 kg.
Additional Information

Additional Information

ID-number 31333
Object name Miccra MaxiPlant KA 750 IL
Objektart Rührerwerke/Schneidwerke
Status Published
Year of construction 2018
Manufacture Miccra
Shipping4-6 weeks
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Product group: Stirrer / Agitators

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Status, terms of delivery and payment

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Technical Specifications



manufacturer:      Miccra

model:                  MaxiPlant KA 750 IL



The following illustrations and descriptions refer to the instrument model and are drawn from brochures. They do not represent the scope of delivery. Please refer to the text of the offer for the exact scope of delivery.




Product no affecting parts   made of AISI 304

Product affecting parts   made of AISI 316L

Elastomers     in FFPM


Product contacted parts   Ra ≤ 0,4

Non Product contacted parts   brushed IIIC K320 (cover drive), Ra ≤ 1,2

All welded seams   in/out grinded, stained and passivated.

Base frame     grinded grain 220, (if any)

Coating (steel parts)   RAL 9005 Deep black (if any)

Electrical equipment

All electrical equipments   corresponds to DIN EN 60204-1 and 60439.

Operating voltage     400 V, 50 Hz. III-phase

Control voltage     24V DC

Protection class     IP 55


Pneumatic equipment for the to be controlled pneumatic valves and components.


Semi automatic operation of the machine via a control panel. The controlled functions are indicated on a central display. Operator Panel touchscreen.

Operational conditions

Ambient temp.     5 to 55° C

Ambient humidity   up to 85%

To provide by the customer

Compressed air     at least. 6 bar, oil-free

Water supply and outlet   yes

Water temperature     chilled water 8°C

Three-phase connection   400V 3 ~

Electrical power   approx. 18 kW

Dimensions of the machine   with closed lid

W x H x D     approx. 2.100 x 2.300 x 3.100 mm

Weight     approx. 2.500 kgs


Homogenising drive

Type of motor     MICCRA D-150 (Energy save-AC motor IE2)

Voltage/frequency   3x 400 V, 50 Hz

Power     15 kW

Rated speed     2.998 min-1 at 50Hz

Speed adjustment   infinitely adjustable with frequency converter (FC

included) from 1000 up to 5.000 min-1

Protection class     IP 54

Insulation class     F

Explosion proof     none

Mode of operation   S1 (continuous operation)

Mounting position   V3

Color     RAL 9005 deep black

Cooling     Fan cooled

Weight     approx. 120,00 Kgs

Integrated accessory     coil protection (thermal), 1 set of PTC

PTC thermistor detector (3 pieces)

Thermal sensor KTY84 (2 pieces)

Control unit with integrated frequency converter (stainless steel one-piece console, double-door)

Input voltage     3 x 400 V / N / PE / 50 Hz

Control voltage     24 VDC

Protection class     IP 55

Material     AISI 304

Dimensions W x H x D     approx. 800 x 1.000 x 300 mm

Weight     approx. 90kg

Design     One-piece console

Explosion proof     without

Controls / display     main switch with emergency stop function

Frequency converter drive

Model     EATON

Performance     15 kW

Display:     graphical control unit

Housing     IP 20 / Chassis

frequency range   0,0 – 1000 Hz.

nominal voltage   3x 400 - 480 V

Homogenising chamber

Type     single walled

Product suction side     connecting DN 180

Product pressure side     connecting DN 80 (Tri-Clamp acc. to DIN 32676)

Material     AISI 316L

Mechanical Sealing   Double acting mechanical sealing incl.

thermosiphon system

Material combination     SiC / SiC

Max. admiss. operating data

Temperature     up to 260°C

Pressure     up to 16 bar

Peripheral speed   up to 25 m/s

Homogenising tool

Type     140G EMR

Rotor     Emulsion rotor with 2mm slots

Stator     Coarse

Material     AISI 316L

Thermosiphon system

 A thermosiphon system meets all the basic functions of a buffer system for the operation of double

mechanical seals

  • to pressurize the buffer chamber
  • to compensate a leakage
  • circulate the barrier fluid by means of the thermosiphon effect or forced circulation
  • cools the mechanical seal
  • and selectively absorbs a product leakage and prevent them from dry run (tandem arrangement)

When pressure is applied, this takes place via compressed air or nitrogen.

Technical data

  • Vessel material   SS AISI 316Ti
  • Volume   4 Liters
  • Operating temperature   -40 to +160 º C
  • Operating pressure   16 bar
  • Connections   G ½” „female thread
  • Cooling coil   welded in vessel
  • Cooling supply lines   2 pcs., connected with the double acting

mechanical seal

Main process vessel

Construction     double walled process vessel, isolated, electrical

hinged dome lid with 4 hinges, mounted on 3

feets on the machine base frame.

Vessel shape     cylindrical with dished bottom

Total height closed     approx 2.300 mm

Total height open     approx 2.800 mm

Inside surface     Ra ≤ 0.4μm (mirror polished)

Outside surface     Stained and passivated

Vessel outlet     flange DN180 DIN / EN 1092

Material     AISI 316L

Total volume     approx. 1.000 liters

Useable volume     approx. 100 to 750 liters

Operating pressure     no vessel as defined in the Pressure Equipment

Directive (PED)

Differential pressure     980mbar (dependent on the vacuum pump)

 Temperature measurement   1 pc.

Type       PT 100

Execution     in stainless steel protective sleeve built in the

product area.

Monitoring     takes place at the touch screen

Double jacket design

Execution     for heating (integrated electrical heating)/ cooling,

encompassing the cylindrical part and the dished

bottom, execution of the separate cooling / heating

lines in the jacket as half pipe coils according to DIN28128,

Operating pressure     pressure tested up to +6 bar abs

Connections     RP 1 ", incl. safety valves and production certificate

Insulating     mineral wool

Material     AISI 304

Container inlet above   acc. to customers requirements

Container inlet below   acc. to customers requirements

Lid design     Electrically hinged dome lid with collar

Lid connections & accessories

Type     torispherical

Operating pressure     atmospherical/vacuum.

Central connector for stirring motor 1 pc.

Dimension   DN300 Flange

Connection   welded

Connector product addition   1 pc.

Type     Man hole with neck and sight glas for product

addition, with 4 hinges and handle

Dimension   DN300

Connection   welded

Connector for oil supply   1 pc.

Dimension   DN32 (Tri-Clamp acc. to DIN 32676) Blind lid for connector OS 1 pc.

Dimension   DN32 (Tri-Clamp acc. to DIN 32676)

Material   AISI 316L Joint clamp for connector OS 1 pcs.

Dimension   DN32 (Tri-Clamp acc. to DIN 32676) Sealing ring for connector OS 1 pcs.

Dimension   DN32 (Tri-Clamp acc. to DIN 32676)

Material   PTFE



3.4.7 Connector for water supply   1 pc.

Dimension   DN32 (Tri-Clamp acc. to DIN 32676) Blind lid for connector WS 1 pc.

Dimension   DN32 (Tri-Clamp acc. to DIN 32676)

Material   AISI 316L Joint clamp for connector WS 1 pcs.

Dimension   DN32 (Tri-Clamp acc. to DIN 32676) Sealing ring for connector WS 1 pcs.

Dimension   DN32 (Tri-Clamp acc. to DIN 32676)

Material   PTFE


3.4.8 Connector for surfactant supply 1 pc.

Dimension   DN25 (Tri-Clamp acc. to DIN 32676) Blind lid for connector SS 1 pc.

Dimension   DN25 (Tri-Clamp acc. to DIN 32676)

Material   AISI 316L Joint clamp for connector SS 1 pcs.

Dimension   DN25 (Tri-Clamp acc. to DIN 32676) Sealing ring for connector SS 1 pcs.

Dimension   DN25 (Tri-Clamp acc. to DIN 32676)

Material   PTFE


3.4.9 Connector for alcohol supply   1 pc.

Dimension   DN25 (Tri-Clamp acc. to DIN 32676) Blind lid for connector AS 1 pc.

Dimension   DN25 (Tri-Clamp acc. to DIN 32676)

Material   AISI 316L

 CIP rotary nozzle     3 pcs.

Spray angle     360 °

Purpose     for tank cleaning

Speed range     approx. 5 to 30 min-1

Working pressure   2-6 bar

Working pressure max. (at 30 ° C) 20 bar

Tank diameter (max.)   3-6 m

Tank diameter (min.)   0.4 m

Connection (IG)   R1 / 2 "+ R3 / 8" (DIN 2999) 1/2 "+ 3/8" NPT

CIP     CIP 213, CIP 222, CIP 252

Temperature     max. 70 ° C (at 6 bar)

Material     AISI 316Ti / PTFE

Line filter     mesh size 80μm

 Connector for CIP nozzle   3 pcs.

Dimension   DN15

 Joint clamps for CIP connector 3 pcs.

Dimension   DN15 (Tri-Clamp acc. to DIN 32676)

 Sealing ring for CIP connector 3 pcs.

Dimension   DN15 (Tri-Clamp acc. to DIN 32676)

Material   PTFE

 Stirring motor

AC geared motor   MICCRA RW-10

Power     1,0 kW

Tension/frequency   3x 400 V, 50 Hz

Output speed     0-60 min-1

Protection class     IP 55

Insulation class     F

Ex-protection     none

Speed adjustment   infinitely adjustable via frequency converter

Mode of operation   S1 (continuous operation)

Gear reduction     1:50

FC stirring motor

Design     EATON

Power     1,0 kW

Protection class     IP 20

Frequency range   0,0 – 1000 Hz.

Voltage     3x400 V +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz

Power output     1,0 kVA

Stirring element

Design     One-arm design anchor stirrer with PTFE scrapers

and and central spiral

Material     316L/PTFE

Mounting position   centric in the vessels lid

Operating direction   right

Vacuum control system   Automatically vacuum control. Only in combination with a PLC control.

Type     Claw-Vacuum pump,

Power     1,3 KW, 3x380-480V; 50 / 60Hz

Efficiency     40m3/h at 40 mbar

Speed range     1.200-4.200UpM

Protection class     IP44

Frequency inverter     Integrated

EMC       according to EN 61800-3, class C2

Relevant electrical components   One of the Subsequent certificates: UL, CSA, UR

Suction side     Suction connection G1 1/4 inside

Air filter     FIL 0100, polyester

Check valve     yes

Pressure side     Gas outlet G3 / 4 inside

Silencer     integrated with cleaning opening (Corrosion-


Dimensions (L x W x H)   585 x 345 x 370mm

Weight     80kg