Sartorius Biostat C-DCU 3

Sartorius Biostat C-DCU 3
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ID-Nr: 32371

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Versand: 4-6 Wochen

B.Braun / Sartorius Vorfermenter Biostat C-DCU 30L GMP. Mit u.a.
Versorgungseinheit mit Zubehör. Dampfheizung. Gasmischeinheit.
Druck-Regelventil. Wägesystem. Kulturgefäß C30-3.
Rührwelle. Rührer. Probenahmeventil. Trübungsmesssonde.
Steuerschrank. Messverstärker. Schaumscheibe. Software.
Zusätzliche Information

Zusätzliche Information

ID-Nummer 32371
Objektbezeichnung Sartorius Biostat C-DCU 3
Objektart Fermenter
Status In Ausschreibung
Hersteller Sartorius
Versand4-6 Wochen
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Produktgruppe: Fermenter

Technische Daten

manufacturer:       B.Braun

model :                   Biostat C-DCU

annotation:           Dokumente engl.








Biostat® C-DCU

In-situ sterilizable lab fermenter



  • DCU 3 control system
  • Automatic in-situ sterilization
  • Interchangeable culture vessels
  • Full range of accessories
  • “Open frame” design




The Biostat® C-DCU is a compact laboratory scale fermentor with in-situ sterilizable culture vessels up to 30l working volume, the Biostat® C-DCU supports both microbial and cell culture applications.


For cell culture, a full line of accessories like spinfilters, impellers, and gasmix units are available.


This bioprocess system combines the proven process hardware of the Biostat® C with the advanced DCU 3 local control system.


The extensive digital, analog and serial expansion options of the DCU 3 are essential elements for supporting both standard and advanced pro­cess control strategies.


The modular design consists of the culture vessel, the supply unit, a control cabinet and a DCU 3.


The open frame design of the supply unit provides ready access and ease of mainten­ance for all process piping and actuators.


The interchangeable jacketed, stainless steel culture vessels are available with 10 l, 15l, 20l and 30l working volume in a height : diameter ratio of 3:1 or 2:1.


The servomotor of the top-drive agitator is used to maximize performance and to keep removal simple.




  • New: “BBI Safety-Port”
  • Includes massflow controller
  • Multiple cascade controller for pO 2
  • Choice of electrical or steam heating system
  • Integrated RS 422 host computer interface




The stainless steel control cabinet includes four, built-in peristaltic pumps and is desi­gned to provide enough space for further installations of additional equipment.


The DCU (Digital Control Unit) is a local control system, specially tailored to biopro­cess (fermentation/cell cul­ture) automation. In its third generation, there are nearly 1500 worldwide.


Standard Biostat® C-DCU automation functionality in­cludes process measure­ments, calibration routines, and a standard set of control loops. An automatic steriliza­tion sequence for the culture vessel, inclusive of the air inlet and exhaust filters, is also standard.


Addional standard software features include: a multiple cascade controller for dissol­ved oxygen, setpoint control profiles, dosing counters for built-in pumps or gasmix val­ves (optional) and the “high foam” emergency shut-down.


Furthermore, standard opti­ons include pressure measu­rement and control, weight measurement and control, and redox and turbidity mea­surement, among others.


Advanced software modules like gravimetric flow control, various gasmixing strategies and nutrient feed strategies may be implemented. Pro­cess specific configurations may also be developed.


The software is developed under a quality control system following the GAMP (Good

Automated       Manufacturing Practice) guidelines.


The DCU 3 is operated using a graphical interface on a flat panel touch-screen. This intui­tive interface eases screen navigation and the changing of parameters, keeping the learning curve to a minimum.


Optionally, for cGMP pro­duction environments, the Biostat® C-DCU offers valida­tion support features. These include a three level password system for user access con­trol, logging of all events and user actions, and compre­hensive software documen­tation. Drawings and data for major components and mate­rials of construction would also be included in this documentation.


The Biostat ® C-DCU is desi­gned to meet your needs.