Perkin Elmer Cetus

Perkin Elmer Cetus
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ID-Nr: 32478

Status: Am Lager  

Versand: 10-14 Werktage

Perkin Elmer DNA-Thermocycler/PCR-Cycler Cetus.
Block für 60x0,5 mL. Digitalanzeige. Bedienfeld. Serielle Schnittstelle.
230 V. 50 Hz. 5 A.
Zusätzliche Information

Zusätzliche Information

ID-Nummer 32478
Objektbezeichnung Perkin Elmer Cetus
Objektart Physikalisch-chemische GeräteR
Status Am Lager
Hersteller Perkin Elmer
Versand10-14 Werktage
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Produktgruppe: PCR

Technische Daten

Firma:              Perkin Elmer

Modell:            Cetus

Kommentar:   Dokumente dt.

Perkin Eimer Cetus Thermal Cycler

Perkin Elmer Cetus Thermal Cycler, Serial: P5833, Block Capacity: 48 holes, Sample Tube Size: 0.5m1, Block Temperature Range: 0 to 99C, Block Temperature Accuracy: Within 3 degrees of programmed temperatures between 4 to 32°C, and within 1 degree of programmed temperatures between 33 to 99°C, Printer Interface: RS-232C serial port, Software: Includes four default files, including Preprogrammed Soak, Time Delay, Thermo-Cycle, and Step-Cycle files. Two demonstration files, Available memory for up to 93 user files, Up to 16 temperatures per repeat pattern, Up to 99 cycles per repeat pattern, Automatic Segment Extension, Infinite Post­PCR Subambient Incubation, Control Panel: The Instrument control panel consists of the display, keypad , and indicator lights, Dimensions: 12"H x 13"W x 19.25"D, Weight: 651bs.