Agilent G2440DA

Agilent G2440DA
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ID-Nr: 32078

Status: In Ausschreibung  

Versand: 4-6 Wochen

Agilent Ion Trap MSD G2440DA. Mit
Edwars Vakuumpumpe 18.
APCI G1947A.
Software mit Lizenz.

Hierbei handelt es sich um ein Gerät mit doppeltem Verwendungszweck.
Zusätzliche Information

Zusätzliche Information

ID-Nummer 32078
Objektbezeichnung Agilent G2440DA
Objektart Massenspektrometer
Status In Ausschreibung
Hersteller Agilent
Versand4-6 Wochen
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Produktgruppe: Massenspektrometer

Technische Daten

Firma:              Agilent

Modell:            G2440DA

Kommentar:   Dokumente engl.

The following illustrations and descriptions are referring to the instrument model and are drawn from brochures. They are not representating the delivery volume. The exact delivery content you will find only in the offering text.

Agilent LCMSD Ion Trap SL G2440DA

Ion Trap MSD (G2440DA)

- Approximately 4 year old Ion Trap LCMSD, recently upgraded to SL specifications

- Supplied with Electrospray Ion Source

- Supplied with G2170AA MSD Chemstation license and LC/MSD Trap 5.3 Software

- Supplied with Autotune prior to shutdown

- Supplied with sensitivity test prior to shutdown

- Supplied with original foreline vacuum pump

- Both turbo pumps less than 12 months old

- Requires PC and printer to suit